"If you are wanting to scale, but you feel stuck and you need to declutter your organization, then look no further than Rachael at Goertz Consulting!"

- Jeremy C.

Do You Struggle With?

  •  Inconsistent performance because you haven't clearly defined your processes

  • Anxiety about being able to handle scaling your operations

  • Losing newly hired employees during training and onboarding

  • Being compliant with Health & Safety or gov't regulations
  • Losing institutional knowledge when seasoned employees leave

  • Ensuring that remote work teams have the same training opportunities as those who are in-house

  • Improving employee performance

  • Keeping track of your documented processes and procedures

"Rachael is such a pleasure to work with! She always comes up with great solutions and ideas to make the business better. If there is a problem we work through it together until it is taken care of."

- Emma M. 

Are you too busy working in your business to Work it?

Are you stressed because you know that you need to document your company's processes but still haven't found the time to do it?

Do you feel like you need to be the one to do it because you're the Leader and it's "your job"?

The truth is...

You can get that time back and you don’t have to do it on your own.

We help eliminate the stress of implementing business systems and documenting your processes from your to-do list and implement the solutions that will establish a rock solid foundation for your continued growth, success, and future plans.

We do a deep dive into each of the steps we’ve identified and assess which areas are priorities for development and the specific next steps to getting there.

02. Map your Route

We meet and assess every step of your business process, then our team develops the tools you need to take you into Step 2 where we develop a plan to overcome your roadblocks and

01. Book Your Assessment

We don’t just give advice. We coach your team on implementing the solutions we’ve decided on in Step 2 to address the roadblocks we identified in Step 1 to eliminate frustrations, increase profit, and get your time back.

03. Cruise The road To Success

Your 3-Step Success Strategy

Charting A Clear Pathway

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"After years of being good at what we do, but not having the best organizational systems for the processes we use, it was apparent we needed to get more organized as we continue to grow.

Goertz Consulting was a breath of fresh air in aiding us in implementing business systems that help keep us organized and run far more efficiently than we could have imagined on our own. Rachael asks pertinent, insightful questions and really takes the time to understand what our needs are.

We now have the confidence and resources to take on heavier workloads without feeling overwhelmed by the complexities involved."

- Peninsula Welding

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Both in the corporate and small business world I have witnessed first-hand how incredibly skilled business owners can attract a huge clientele because of their quality products and services and then become too bogged down in the day to day execution of deliverables to take time to build their own business.

With over 18 years of experience in business and organizational development in various industries industry to help business owners identify and strategize how to overcome the barriers between them and the next stage of growth in their company.

I want to use my business experience to help you overcome your current challenges and develop your business.

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